The Best At Home Wig Supplies

If your a do it your-selfer and you want to skip the salon wait, then you need to add these products to your collection!  

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    • Wig Gripper- I don't wear my wigs without this!  It works like pure magic to keep your wig in place all day.  It's also good for eliminating friction on your edges.  


    • Nairobi Foam- great for molding your wigs down without that stiff feel.  Also perfect for creating soft baby hairs.  



    • Parwin Curling Iron/Wand Curl Set- I've been using this for YEARS!  Weddings, proms, you name it, this is my go to kit for all styling needs.



    • Affirm Spritz- this will leave your hair hard at first, but it combs out soft.   Perfect for laying down flyaways for that flat flat look.  Also great for crimps. 

    • Styrofoam Wig Head- trust me, it's going to make your life much easier if you style your wig on a wig head versus on your head.   It also helps to  mold the hair/part down after washing your wig if you put it on this wig head.  

    • Wig Stand- to go along with the styrofoam wig head, you will need a stand.  This will make it easier for you to mold, and style your hair.  The height adjusts so that you can sit and style your wig in comfort, or stand and style it.  

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