Frequently Asked Questions:



 Wig FAQ's

Q: What is the difference between a closure wig, frontal wig, and a upart wig?

A:  A frontal wig has lace that covers from ear to ear.  A closure wig has lace that covers the top of the head.  A upart wig does not include lace, and you must wear your natural hair out in the parting section.  Here is a video that explains in more detail closures vs frontals:  Click Here For Video 


Q:  Which is better for beginners?  A closure or a frontal wig?

A:  Hands down closures are the best choice if you are either a beginner or if you don't want to spend too much time applying your wig.  


Q:  Are your wigs glueless?

A:  Yes, all of my closure wigs can be worn glueless.  In fact, I encourage glueless wear.  


Q:  What do I do with that little piece of lace in the front?  

A:  Simply cut it.  I have a video detailing just how easy it is to cut off your lace.  Click Here For Video 



Q:  How do I put my wig on when I receive it?  

A:  Applying your wig is easy.  Just make sure your hair is as flat as possible before applying it.  Here is a video to show you how I apply my wigs.  Click Here For Video


Q:  I don't know how to cornrow, how can I put my wig on?  

A:  I have a video showing how I apply my wig with just 2 plaits.  You can also do a ponytail if you don't know how to plait.  As long as your hair is flat, that's all that matters.  Click Here For Video


Q:  Will I be able to change my part on my wig?  

A:  Yes, you can change your part on all of my wigs including uparts, closure wigs and frontal wigs.  Click Here For Video


Q:  Okay, I'm ready to order but how do I take my head measurements? 

A:  I have a video on how to take your head measurements.  Click Here For Video


Hair Included Wig FAQ's
Q:  I'm ordering a custom wig with your hair.  How long will it take?
A:  When you purchase hair with me (which I highly recommend) the wait time is around 15-20 business days.  This is because I don't keep hair in stock.  After you place your order, I order your hair through my private vendor.  Once your hair arrives to me, I prioritize getting your wig done asap.  If you order a Universal Fit Wig, the processing time is slightly shorter.  
Q:  What kind of hair is it?  Is the hair Brazilian?
A:  Hair origins are often used as a marketing strategy.  Therefore, I do not use origins as labels on my hair.  I only sell high quality virgin hair. 
Q:  Can the hair be colored?
A:  Yes.  Being as though I use high quality virgin hair for all wigs, the hair can be colored.  I highly recommend getting your hair professionally colored.  I do offer custom coloring services.  All you have to do is email me at Info@WeInspireGrowth.com


Provide Your Own Hair

Q:  When will my wig be ready?

A:  Processing times vary according to how many wigs I have ahead of yours.  I make all wigs on a first come, first serve basis (according to my online orders).  Here are my average turnaround times

  • Provide your own hair wigs are usually 5-10 business days from the time that I receive your hair.  (But the time may be longer during holidays or sale times.)

Q:  I don't get paid until next week.  Can you start my wig, and then I pay when it's ready?  

A:  I make all wigs on a first come first serve basis according to who has paid online.  I have come to realize that this makes the processing times not only quicker, but also fair for all customers.  

Here's a sample scenario:  Sue completed her online order (paid) on Saturday and her hair will get to me by Monday.  Jill's hair arrived to me on Monday, but she hasn't completed her online order and won't be able to until Friday.  I will do Sue's wig first and then after Jill completes her online order (pays) I will begin her wig.  Keep in mind, if more wig orders come in between Monday and Friday, this will push Jill's order further down.  In other words, your online order holds your spot in line.  


Q:  What do I need to provide to get my wig made?


  • Closure Wig- 3 bundles of hair and a lace closure
  • Frontal Wig- 3 bundles of hair and a frontal
  • U-Part Wig- 3 bundles of hair

If your hair is longer than 26 inches, you may need to provide 4 bundles of hair.  Likewise, if your hair is shorter than 14 inches you may be able to use only 2 bundles of hair.  If your unsure, don't hesitate to contact me by email Info@WeInspireGrowth.com


Q:  Can I send some used hair I have?

A:  I recommend using brand new, unused bundles and closures.  


Shipment Issues

It doesn't happen often, but there are rare occasions were packages are lost, stolen or damaged during shipment.  Naja Davis is NOT responsible for parcels/packages that have been correctly shipped. If your package becomes lost, please email me and I will contact USPS to open a claim.  I highly suggest you pay the extra fee at checkout to get insurance through USPS in the case your package is lost or stolen.  Ultimately, however, it is USPS's decision on how they wish to handle the claim.  If they accept responsibility, we will work out the details on getting a new shipment to you.  If they do not accept responsibility, this issue is between you and the USPS.